Inspired by Lotus Blossoms

While we were in quarantine with Covid-19 in Seoul in August 2022, we could look out of our window down onto Jogyesa Buddhist Temple, where the annual Lotus Blossom Festival was in full swing. We heard the bells rung at 4:30 each morning and the amplified chanting from special services. And the morning before we boarded our plane for home, we spent a few hours at the Temple, learning about its history and mission – and enjoyed the courtyard filled with barrels of blooming lotus flowers.

Each barrel contained exquisite flowers, rising from the water in transcendent beauty. I was transfixed. I couldn't stop taking photos.

And here is is YouTube Video from Seoul Travel Walker:


When I returned home, I had to create a series of paintings. But,unfortunately, my vision for the series came while I was still feverish in the hotel room—embroidered paper on a shimmery gold background. So when I returned home, I had to figure out how to make my vision come to life.

The first step was to gather ephemera from the trip. That was easy – I'd put everything collected, from subway maps to museum receipts, into a unique bag, so I had lots to choose from. Next, items were torn or cut, glued onto panels, and then coated with sheer, shimmery gold paint.

Then I sketched and did quick paintings of my favorite lotus images.

I decided one mini 4 x 4 panel looked beautiful and didn't add extra collage.

You can find this mini-painting for sale in the Gift Shop area of Studio 23 in Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.

But all the others needed collage. So I started painting and printing paper.

I made one mini 4 x 4 painting by collaging the paper onto the small panel.

The finished mini painting is available for sale in the Gift Shop area of Studio 23, Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.

Then, I sketched my components onto sheer fabric and glued paper onto that.

Then I started quilting the leaves and petals to add texture and another layer of design.

Then I cut them out from the excess fabric, colored and sealed the edges and glued them on top of my underpaintings.

The process of creating these pieces was a meditation on patience, love, and joy.  I hope they evoke these feelings in you!

The originals are currently hanging in Studio 23, Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.  If you are interested in any of the originals, please send me a message.