Inspirational Art in Mixed Media Online Show

The Inspirational Art in Mixed Media Online Exhibition, running now through November 20, 2021, is a diverse spectrum of inspirational mixed media art that will inspire you, increase awareness and understanding of Mixed Media art, and expand an appreciation for the Mixed Media artists’ creative use of art materials.

This show seeks to answer viewers' questions about mixed media and why artists choose to work in that medium.  This exhibit includes a fascinating, eclectic mix of artists -- each united in their passion to explore, experiment, and discover the joy of overcoming the creative challenges not just of composition and color, but also the alchemy of combining different media.

Renée Phillips, artists’ advocate & mentor, and also Founder, Director & Curator of Manhattan Arts International, curated the exhibit.   She chose artists from around the world based on the quality of their images and the strength of their artistic vision. She writes, "The curatorial process was extremely challenging and immensely satisfying. The judging criteria included the power of the art to connect with the viewer, creative originality, technical skill, and artist’s statements. My final selections were made after visiting all artists’ websites. It was important to choose artists who have been committed to creating a cohesive body of artwork in Mixed Media."

The Purpose of “Inspirational Art in Mixed Media”
* To present a diverse spectrum of excellent artistic expressions in Mixed Media that will inspire you.
* To increase awareness and understanding of Mixed Media art.
* To expand an appreciation for the Mixed Media artists’ creative use of art materials.
* To give extraordinary Mixed Media artists the international online and social media exposure, publicity and promotion they deserve, and enhance their professional resumes.
~ Renée Phillips, founder, and director, The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS, an initiative of Manhattan Arts International, NYC, NY

I entered this show back in July as sort of a challenge to myself.  I didn't think I'd actually be one of the chosen artists!  What a thrill to be part of this moving and beautiful collection of art and artists.  I am in great company and enjoy looking at all the artwork and learning a bit about each artist's process and motivations.

A Quiet Moment in Joshua Tree National Park

This piece is an expression of the humbling awe I felt in the raw presence of Nature. In a moment, all the craziness of the world faded away and there was simply rock and sky. 

I hope you check out the show and all the other artists.  Please let me know your thoughts!