Craftcation 2022!

I just spent the most incredible very long week-end in Ventura, CA for the 10th Craftcation Conference -- dedicated to all things making and the business of making.  There were more than 500 people who make all KINDS of things!  
A selfie in the "Lounge" -- they created a comfy maker's space complete with special wallpaper, designed by Nicole Stevenson (the Craftcation founder and head organizer) and printed by Spoonflower.  This lounge had a vintage typewriter, cool 60s furniture and a pink telephone! (non-functional, but still cool)
Everyone was busy making projects in the sewing area...
My roomie for the week was Kirsten Rowe of Craftiful Studio,  who creates amazing craft kits and leads craft-focused team-building events -- she is amazing!  And mostly on Zoom -- so check her out!
It was an intense immersion.  I took a desert embroidery pin class by Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ , and a wood-burning class by Rachel Strauss of Wood Burn Corner (with supplies donated by Walnut Hollow). And I took business classes from Jessie Katz Greenberg of Craft Hangout, Holly Marsh of MarshMueller, and Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing.  All super-inspiring.  
I made this embroidered pin in a class.
I also discovered super-cute earrings made with paper quilled by Sophy Laksmanan of Miss Paper Craft. I am always a sucker for things made from paper....
And I taught two classes on how to make and use henna for body art.
Sigh.  Back home to reality.  And finishing up the taxes.
Have you ever been to a conference you didn't want to end because you were learning so much?  I'd love to hear about it!